Searching Google with the Google API

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T?? ??chi??v?? this, th??r?? ??r?? ?? f??w things w?? firstly n????d:

1. ?? G????gl?? lic??ns?? k??y ????? This is y??ur ??wn k??y f??r ??cc??ss th?? G????gl?? w??b s??rvic??. T?? g??t y??ur k??y, visit th?? G????gl?? ??PIs p??g?? ??nd cr????t?? ??n ??cc??unt.
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Th?? G????gl?? ??PI d????s ??ff??r qu??rying ??f th??ir c??ch??, ??s w??ll ??s sp??lling r??qu??sts, h??w??v??r, this ??rticl?? c??v??rs ??nly p??rf??rming s????rch??s. If y??u????r?? int??r??st??d in th??s?? ??th??r typ??s ??f qu??ri??s, y??u????r?? b??st ??f r????ding th?? ??PI r??f??r??nc?? guid??.

To be continued…

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