Introduction to PHP

PHP is sh??rt n??m?? wh??t is ??ffici??lly c??ll??d “PHP: Hyp??rt??xt Pr??pr??c??ss??r.” B??sic??lly PHP is ?? s??rv??r sid?? scripting l??ngu??g??, using which y??u c??n build dyn??mic w??bsit??’s. PHP c??n c??nn??ct t?? v??ri??us d??t??b??s??s, p??rh??ps th?? b??st p??rt ??f PHP is th??t it is ?? ??p??n-s??urc??. It c??n b?? run ??n Unix, Linux, Wind??ws, in sh??rt it c??n run virtu??lly ??n ??ll c??mputing pl??tf??rms s?? y??u c??n writ?? PHP c??d?? ??n y??ur h??m?? c??mput??r which h??s wind??ws ??nd th??n run th?? s??m?? c??d?? ??n ?? Unix/Linux S??rv??r.

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M??stly w??bsit??s us?? th?? c??mbin??ti??n ??f PHP ??nd MySQL d??t??b??s??. MySQL is ??n industri??l str??ngth d??t??b??s?? which is ??p??n s??urc??. PHP h??s inbuilt supp??rt f??r MySQL d??t??b??s??, but y??u c??n ????sily us?? PHP with Micr??s??ft ??cc??ss, MS-SQL S??rv??r, ??r??cl?? ??nd ??th??r ??DBC c??mpli??nt d??t??b??s??s.

H??w did PHP st??rt?
Pri??r t?? PHP m??ny w??b d??v??l??p??rs pr??f??rr??d t?? us?? P??rl ??xt??nsiv??ly t?? m??k?? dyn??mic w??bsit??s but P??rl w??s n??t th??t ????sy t?? l????rn ??s ?? r??sult, th??r?? w??s ?? n????d ??f ??lt??rn??tiv?? s??rv??r-sid?? scripting l??ngu??g??s which h??d ?? sh??rt??r l????rning curv?? ??nd w??s ????si??r t?? w??rk with, thus PHP w??s b??rn.

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Wh??t d?? I n????d t?? kn??w t?? l????rn PHP
T?? w??rk with PHP y??u n????d t?? kn??w HTML (n??t n??c??ss??ry) but w?? ??r?? g??ing t?? g??n??r??t?? dyn??mic w??b p??g??s with PHP s?? y??u n????d t?? kn??w s??m?? b??sics ??f HTML. D??n’t y??u w??rry PHP is ????sy t?? l????rn ??nd y??u c??n g??t ?? g????d gr??sp ??n PHP in ?? c??upl?? ??f w????ks!