Two more thoughts about podcasting

Seth Godin is musing about the possibility of building a podcast with a million subscribers, making it profitable to invest in.

2 Responses to “Two more thoughts about podcasting”

  1. Hosea Tudman Says:

    So the next question is - how do you generate other leads? Try to establish relationships with close spheres of influence. As a Vancouver Web Design, we have several “partners” such as SEO firms and IT firms, which do not provide the same service as we do, and often refer their clients to us. After a period of time, we have built mutual trust with these partners, and they have become excellent sources of referrals.

  2. Marcia Polidore Says:

    The main Twitter website does not attached a geo-tag. You need more and more downloads and ratings at this point. In real, it is Google’s open source mobile OS that can run on mobile as well as on tablets too.

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