MySQL Changes to Procedure Logging

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1. Th?? us??r must h??v?? th?? SU??????R ??rivil??g?? in ??dditi??n t?? h??ving ?? CR??????T????/??LT????R R??UTIN???? ??r CR??????T????/??LT????R FUNCTI??N ??rivil??g??.
2. Th?? l??g_bin_trust_r??utin??_cr????t??rs ????ti??n must b?? s??t

With??ut ??n?? ??f th??s?? c??nditi??ns, ?? s??rv??r with bin??ry l??gging ??n??bl??d will n??w giv?? ??n ??rr??r st??ting th??t ??ith??r y??u n????d th?? SU??????R ??rivil??g?? ??r y??u must ??n??bl?? th?? trust ????ti??n.

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